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Read How Sarah Got A Remote Job After She Was Laid Off

The Covid-19 crisis has caused many people to lose their jobs, and this woman was no different. Right up until she turned her luck around when she got a remote job.

Sara was leading a normal pre-quarantine life, married with 2 kids and living in the suburbs of Chicago.

Her career as a sales agent in a hotel was cut short due to the COVID crisis,

What did she do right after she lost her job?

She certainly did not cross her hands and sit in the corner.

You’ll want to stick around to find out how Sara was able to run things around and get an even better job 2 weeks after she was laid off.

When the news hit, it hit hard since Sara did not have a lot of money saved up. Things were really difficult.

Not only did she have a family to support, but she also cared immensely about her career and wasn’t going to let anything stop her. But still, things were difficult and she could almost see an end to the career she worked so tirelessly to build.

Bills started building up, and to make things worse, her husband who worked in construction got laid off as well even though construction work wasn’t halted by the pandemic, but a lot of projects, in general, have been put on hold by their owners.

She’s had enough!

Sara had reached an end road and did not know what to do. Of course, nobody was hiring!

But that didn’t stop her!

Sara was determined enough and started looking for a different job the moment she got the news she was going to be laid off. It was only then when one of her friends suggested she looked for something remote, a job she can do while staying at home. Ever since the world has come across this pandemic, we found out that a lot of office jobs can be done entirely from home, which wasn’t possible or even on the table before all of this.

Since Sara was a sales agent at a hotel, the chances of her getting a similar job at another hotel were out of the picture since tourism around the world was basically put on hold, and who was going to the US at this time anyway?

Work from home

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What did she do?

The first thing Sara did was she hopped on her laptop and started looking for job boards that offered remote-jobs, she found many as the pandemic has popularized working from home. Sara got many remote job offers both in sales and in marketing, and she started applying to anything that even remotely linked to her previous work field.

Her luck was slowly turning to her favor!

After a handful of applications, many cover letters, and even more unanswered emails, she finally got a few emails back asking to interview her over Zoom. Sara immediately got back to her potential employers and scheduled her interview with them. After that, it was everything she learned about how to act in a job interview that could determine whether she got the offer or not.

And that’s not even the half of it!

The jobs Sara was interviewed for were a Sales Management Specialist, a Digital Marketing Manager, and an Account Manager. She performed well in all 3 interviews but was only offered the Sales Management Specialist and the Account Manager jobs since she had more experience in this field than she did in marketing.

She then had a decision to make.

Sara was fortunate enough to be able to choose between 2 jobs simply because she did the hard work prior to applying to any job. This included optimizing her resume and cover letter for each job position that she applied for, in order to maximize her chances of getting a callback. After some thought, she finally decided to take the Sales Management Specialist since it related more to her line of work, and she didn’t want to stick to working with just 1 client.

Sara was more on the creative and closing deals side of the business.

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There were many reasons why Sara chose this job. First, it paid a little more than the account managing position and gave her the opportunity to make a commission on new sales, as she was used to in her previous job.

Sara’s story is an example of success!

So, what can you learn from Sara’s story? Sara isn’t someone special, or someone with special skills or abilities. She was a normal woman working a 9 to 5 who one day found herself without a job. The only thing that made the difference was that she wasn’t someone who easily gives up and she didn’t waste any time.

If Sara did it, then so can you! So, what are you waiting for? 

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Who Have Already Used Our Remote Success Course to Land Their First Remote Job!