Where NOT to look for remote jobs

Where NOT to look

Knowing where to look for your first remote job isn’t everything you need to know before starting your search. But other pieces of information could be beneficial to your job hunt. For example, it is just as important to know where NOT to look, as not to waste your valuable time.

These are the 5 sites to avoid:


          Social Media Platforms



          Career Builder


There are a handful of job boards that keep their promises and are actually useful for searching for a job, whether office or remote. But the problem with remote job boards is that they are mostly filled with either scammers or remote job offers that aren’t verified.


Instead of wasting your time looking everywhere for a remote job that may or may not be legit, we recommend visiting these websites for how reliable, trustworthy, and safe they are:

  1.   JobsPresso
  2.   Dynamite Jobs
  3.   Just Remote
  4.   Remote.co
  5.   Working Nomads


All of these websites are free to use and have been responsible for many job hunts being successful. Some of them even offer to send you notifications when new jobs that suit you are posted.

You are more likely to land a remote job if you look for one that falls into the following categories:




          Customer Support




This video will cover all of this and a lot of extra details that are vital when you want to start your first remote job hunt!