What To Do During A Remote Job Interview

What To Do During Your Remote Job Interview​:


Here you are prepared with your research and your notes.

Here’s what to do on the day of the interview:

– Sit in a well-lit area, preferably next to a window or a light if it’s night time.

– Clear out the background, put some books on there and make sure your face is very well-lit. Again, the light here is very important.

– Make sure your microphone and camera work before the call.

– Do a few tests an hour or so before

– Make sure your internet connection works, and prepare a backup plan if the internet cuts off (make sure your phone has a good connection so you can connect to it if your home internet goes out).

During the interview, you want to be as cool as possible. You’re there on that zoom call or Google Hangouts call, to answer a few questions and introduce yourself.

At some point, you should take time to talk about what problems you’re there to fix and how you’re being there will be beneficial.

Not in plain and generic words. You should talk about why you, of all people, are the best fit for the product.

Let’s dissect 2 examples in this video and how they have shown why they’re the best fit.

1. The first one is about a graphic designer who has a little more knowledge about conversion rate optimization.

Before the interview, she takes the time to check out the website of the company that’s hiring her to find out all the things she can improve upon.

She prepares a list of all the errors she noticed on the site, and prepares a list of notes of how she can fix all of them.

2. The second example is of a content writer who is being interviewed by an content marketing agency.

They have a whole team of content writers, they just need more, but how can he showcase that he’s good at what he does.

Well this content writer takes the time to do as much research on the company and finds a LOT of negative reviews on their work on review sites like G2 and clutch.

What he says during the interview literally blows the folks away.

He prepared notes about all the negative reviews and notices one common issue that most of the bad reviews talk about.

The order delivery is slow,

Since he’s been in business for a number of years, he knows a trick or two to speed delivery of the content pieces that are being sold.

He suggested adding more people in the proofreading side of the business and giving them a timer to go through each article.

He suggested adding hard deadlines for every writer,

he also suggested adding a custom timeline for every new content order and make sure the clients are informed if the order will take longer.

These suggestions aren’t something crazy, but the interviewers were blown away by the amount of research and preparation he did before sitting down for the interview and that alone was enough for him to get hired on the spot.

I suggest you take notes and think of ways to impress the people who call you for your interview.