What To Do Before Your Remote Job Interview

What To Do Before Your Remote Job Interview​:

Alright so you got through the first part of the job application and now you’ve got the honor of being called into an interview.

At this point, you’re either super nervous or anxious about what to say and how to present yourself.

First off, no need to be nervous because I’m about to tell you something that will change the way you think of interviews,


The employer needs You as much as you might need them.

You are in a position of strength here, you are not being interrogated because you might have done something wrong.

You were called in because you were so interesting that these people wanted to know more about you and would potentially love to work with you.

They have gone through hundreds and potentially thousands of applications and they picked YOU among all those other people.

That means you are there just to show them how good you are, how cool you are, and how beneficial you will be to their company or agency.


With that in mind, let’s talk about what you should do before the day of the interview:

1. Do as much research on the company or agency as you can. Try to learn the names of the key people, try to find what products or services they’re selling, try to learn about their hiring rounds, if they’ve made the news one way or the other.

Your best friend for this exercise is Google. Google the company’s name on Google News to see if they have shown up on the news.

Google the company’s name on google Jobs to see if they have posted any other jobs (other than the one you’re applying for)

Do more research on the company on LinkedIn, check out their social media profiles, Their CEO, their CMO, every single person in the company if you have to.

2. Find what problem the company is trying to solve by hiring you.

Why are they hiring you? Why do they need someone like you? Are they expanding? Are they starting a new project? Can you even find out what the budget is for the project?

The idea here is to get as much information as you can about every aspect of the company.

3. Prepare your answers to specific company questions.

For example, you are being interviewed for a graphic designer job and you have more than 3 years of experience in the field.

There are things that you know that will benefit the people who are trying to hire you.

You prepare a series of notes that are related to your field and how you can benefit your future employer, and why!

Especially if you come prepared with notes, data to help your case, and solutions to solve their problems.

An example would be hiring you will help save them a lot of time on each and every project when compared to hiring an agency for every new project…

4. Prepare a pros and cons list of why you are good VS another person.