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“A full-time job at 19 years old”

“Emily from NYC”

I happened to be in a difficult financial situation last year when I turned 19, I didn’t want to do the usual becoming a waitress thing and actually work a decent job from home, I ended up finding out about remote jobs and learned so much about how to do a proper job application.
I found success through working as a customer support agent with a very good pay and very reasonable hours, all while working from home and saving money on transportation

“I got the job of my dreams”

“Katie from Singapore”

I’m a teacher who was let go from a very high paying job, I lost all hope to find a decent teaching position anywhere else, but when I took the Remote success course, I found out that it’s possible to get a high paying job while doing it all remotely.
I ended up getting a lot of job offers, all from remote schools, now I’m back to doing what I love and getting paid handsomely. Thank You PreferablyRemote team

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“Jon from Omaha Nebraska”

I did not spend a single dime on this course, but now I wouldn’t mind even paying for it.
I can’t believe all this practical knowledge is free. I was able to secure a job interview within a few weeks and I ended up getting hired right away

“I used to get rejection after rejection until I took this free course,
Changed my life”

“Jamal from London”

I am a graphic designer, but I don’t like working as a freelancer, that’s why I wanted to get a full time job, even with all my years of experience I couldn’t get a job in my field of expertise.
I used to get rejection after rejection until I took this free course, Changed my life.
I learned a few tricks that helped my get my applications noticed by the employers and I got hired within a month