Remote Tech and Developer Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs 

Entry-level jobs that pay well are quite hard to find, let alone land, especially remote ones. But landing one if you have the right skills backing you up should be easy enough, even if you don’t have that much experience.

The trick is knowing which remote jobs to pursue that you know will guarantee you a very high starting salary.

Here are the 10 highest paying tech jobs that you can get started at without ever leaving your home:

  • Information security engineer: $131,300
  • DevOps engineer: $137,400
  • Enterprise architect: $144,400
  • Technical program manager: $145,000$
  • Software architect: $145,400
  • Applications architect: $149,000
  • Infrastructure architect: $153,000
  • Software development manager: $153,300
  • Data warehouse architect: $154,800
  • Software engineering manager: $163,500

Are you impressed yet? Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg since most of these jobs don’t even require any experience. As long as you’ve got what it takes and know what you are doing then you are good to go!

Of course, you’re not going to be making all that money on day 1, but most of these jobs start at least $65k/year, and that is still a great deal. A lot of businesses are hiring for these jobs and are all more than happy to help you get started working remotely for them!

And how can you get training in one of these skills? Luckily, Udacity has the internet’s biggest library of tech courses that are tailor-made to help you get started immediately working and provide you with the skills that will not only help you land a job but one that actually pays well!

Learn Real-world skills from people working at Google, Amazon and IBM

This video course covers:

  • Which tech jobs to pursue
  • Which ones are worth taking training in
  • How many opportunities are out there
  • And where to start