These remote jobs success stories will show you how to transform your life
These Success Stories Will Show You How People Were Able to Transform Their Lives Thanks to Remote Jobs!

A lot of people have been able to turn their lives around thanks to remote jobs, but is it really as easy as some people make it sounds? Let’s not speculate and try to learn from the experiences these people went through, so that you can get a better view and understanding of how you can land your first remote job!

Remote jobs success stories

Jenna, 39, Mother of Three!

When we say that Remote Work is the future of work, we mean it, and we have a lot of stories that can back up our claim.

Jenna’s story is a bit different from everyone else’s, she wasn’t laid off in 2020, and she didn’t even have a job in 2020. You see Jenna had to quit her job 7 years ago since she gave birth to 2 of her 3 beautiful children.

She took the time she needed in order to get better and take care of her twin babies. But sooner than she realized, 1 year turned into 2, 2 into 3, and now she’s been out of work for 4 long years.

Unfortunately, the year she decided to jump back into the work world was also the year that had suffered the most, businesses were closing, people were getting laid off, and new jobs were rare to find.

At least this is what she thought until she joined a few remote work forums that showed her where the real remote jobs are, and how she can land them.

You see Jenna was a teacher before she took a break from work, and we all know how schools were almost all closed because of the circumstances we’re living these days. Luckily for her, a lot of schools and institutes were still hiring remote teachers who can do the job from their own homes.

And what did she do?

Jenna applied to a few schools, some of which were abroad, and after a few interviews here and there, she was able to land 2 jobs that she found herself capable of doing at the same time.

The first one was to teach English to Chinese kids online for a school. Thanks to the time difference, she was able to do this from 6 PM to 9 PM 4 days a week. The Chinese kids were learning at 8 AM in their home country. And the job paid her well too!

The second remote job was teaching English Literature to high school students in a school that’s not very far from where she lived.

The 2 remote jobs were easily manageable as they didn’t require long hours, and they easily made her more than 65K/year and made her one of the happiest mothers out there.

It was never too late!

Had she known this was possible, she wouldn’t have quit her job 4 years ago, Jenna said.

So, what are you waiting for? If there is anything we learned from these success stories is that our case isn’t out of the ordinary. And in fact, a lot of people, some of whom have it worse than us, have been able to turn their luck around and get the remote job that sometimes saved them from total bankruptcy.


Jake, 25, Fresh Out of College!

2020 hasn’t been a very bad year for Jake, who turned his life around thanks to the Remote Job he was able to land a few months after he graduated.

You don’t know Jake, but he is the happiest 25-year-old I have ever talked to. You can tell how much joy his remote job brought him just from talking to the guy.

This is Jake’s story!

Just like any college graduate who’s majored in Tech & Software Development, Jake went out and started looking for a job in Silicon Valley. The most competitive part of San Francisco, and the most competitive region in the world.

But all of that didn’t stop him, he applied everywhere, he took interviews and did well on pretty much all of them. But what he didn’t prepare for was what’s happening in 2020. Most of the jobs he thought he was absolutely going to get ended up postponing the hiring process and he ended up empty-handed.

So, what does he do next?

He doesn’t give up! Sooner than he thought, most of Silicon Valley’s giants started hiring remotely, and he was there to seize all the opportunities.

Jake took 13 online interviews in the span of 1 week and received 2 offers from 2 different companies looking to hire him. Although Jake didn’t have much experience, he was fresh out of college and had many internships before, which were the reason he was able to land those jobs.

Now, Jake had to make a decision! After some time of thinking and consulting with family members, he finally decided to accept the remote offer from Facebook. He was going to be working with a team of 15 people from all over California and the US, and each with a unique skill and expertise, which meant he was going to learn a lot.

But that’s not the only reason Jake loved the job, the other reason was that it paid him more than $65K/year. This is without mentioning the benefits, the free time it gives him since he works from home, and the room for development he has in such a big company.

Jake is not the only one who was successful in landing a profitable remote job, especially during this year since more and more companies and businesses are moving to remote work.

So, what are you waiting for? Jenna, Jake, and many others were able to do it, although it wasn’t easy, they did it still!

The only thing that’s stopping you from turning your luck around and getting the job you want is you! Update your resume, write up a couple of cover letters and get applying. It doesn’t matter if you apply to 100 jobs, at least then you can guarantee a large number of them will end up calling you back.

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