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Remote Copy Editor Jobs

For the writers and copy editors out there, how do you like proofreading from your couch? Here you can get your hands on the best and highest-paying Copy Editing Remote Jobs that are hiring right now.

Freelancing oftentimes doesn’t pay very well, especially for writers and editors who are just starting out. This is why the best option for most editors and proofreaders is to find a full-time copy editing job that guarantees they get paid well and have a steady income.

Copy Editing is the process of revising, polishing, and making sure a piece of work is error-free. This process is done to ensure readability is improved, to fit the written material for its primary focus, and most of all, rid the material of both grammatical and factual errors.

Practicing this job means that you’ll be responsible for anything that comes your way. Once you send over a piece of work, it should be 100% error-free. A lot of people love and enjoy this job for two reasons: 1. They get to read amazing great new literature, and 2. They get to help writers from all over the world perfect their writing and make their texts ever more beautiful.

If this sounds like something fun you would do, then there is a whole career awaiting just people like you.

Most people hired for this kind of job should at least have a bachelor’s in English Literature and some years of experience in writing. Before you get to judge people’s work and their writing, you need to be able to prove that your writing is almost on a perfect level. You shouldn’t count on someone to proofread your writing because you will be the person responsible for that.

In order to maximize your chances of landing such a job, there are a few things you may want to do before you start your job hunt.

First, make sure you have researched the field very well before you get on with your journey. You need to be aware of what’s required, the years of experience needed, and if any additional certifications are available.

For the most part, landing a position in this field means that you’re getting a freelance position since that’s the most common offer you can find. There are in-house editorial positions in a lot of companies. People holding those positions earn as little as $25,000 and as much as $63,000.

As a freelancer, you are able to set your own rates, charge different prices based on how experienced you are, and how big the project is. Usually, editors can earn anything between $1,000 and $2,550 per project depending on the length of the text they will be handling.

Second, you need to make sure you brush up on your writing and editing skills before you start applying anywhere. After potential employers check up on your education and experiences, they’re going to need to check up on your skills. And you need to stay sharp when editing anything they throw on you.

Even if you got a degree in English Literature, it doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly become an editing specialist. There are a lot of courses that offer certification that you can benefit from that will make sure you’re good to go in your new career adventure.


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