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Man Gets $70k/Year Job After Being Laid Off

Jacob, 42 years old, was working at an accounting firm in Omaha, Nebraska making a decent salary of $62k/year. By late March, he was laid off from his job due to the COVID crisis.

What did he do?

Well, this story has a happy ending. He did not easily give up; he woke up the very next day and started looking for alternatives.

Jacob isn’t someone who gives up easily, especially since he had an entire household counting on him, which if anything, has only added to the stress of finding an alternative faster. The first thing that Jacob did was look for courses online that would add to his knowledge about the remote job world which he knew nothing about.

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You see,

Jacob was determined and had all the right skills to start searching for his next big thing, he found what skills he was lacking, what skills he had, and found all the right places where to look for a remote job, as well as where NOT to look. 

He didn’t have the luxury to wait out and learn at the rate that worked for him, so he had to do everything in under 2 weeks since he didn’t have a lot of money saved up, and because of all the expenses that were added because of the Covid-19 crisis that left no one unaffected.

After he understood what was required of him in order to secure a remote job, he started applying for the jobs that fit his resume and experiences, which weren’t that many since he had a long experience in accounting, further narrowing down his options.

The first thing that Jacob did was update his resume and make it fit every job he applied for. By doing this, he ensured that his resume(s) weren’t too broad or general, and highlighted the skills and experiences that each and every job required, which really helped him land a job in less than 2 weeks. Not only that, but he also rewrote his cover letters for each job he applied for, making them look professional but with a personal touch to make them memorable.

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One thing that Jacob learned from this experience was that applying for jobs that he had little or no experience in, mostly turned out to be a waste of time since he got 0 interviews secured for those jobs. 

This is important because in the remote job world, your potential employer expects you to already know what you are doing, and since you won’t be meeting that often in real life, there is no chance he or she will have the chance to teach you a new skill unless it’s done online of course. This is very important to know so that you don’t waste your time either, and that you only apply to jobs that fit the field you were already working in, or the field that you majored in school.

There are a lot of job board websites on the internet that you can go to and search for a job on, and they will not disappoint as they contain 100s if not 1000s of job opportunities in every field that you can possibly think of.

The top 10 that we recommend you visit and start your search journey on are:

  • Workew
  • AngelList
  • WeWorkRemotely
  • Remote.io
  • Jobspresso
  • Remote Rocket Ships
  • Stack Overflow
  • Remotive
  • Authentic Jobs

Unlike Jacob, you don’t have to search in many places to find the right remote job for you as we have listed the very best ones above!

It took Jacob 2 weeks of applying left right before he finally got an email back for an interview. He made sure he was on his best behavior when he took the interview and applied some basic but vital interview ethics and tips. This included what he did before, during, and after the interview.

The first thing he did was reply right away to the email confirming his availability, after that, all he needed to do was be on time (or earlier) and wait for the interviewer to log in. When it comes to what he did during the interview, he was being responsive, paid close attention to what the interviewer was saying, and gave honest but good answers when asked a question. It was also important for him to ask questions when he is given the chance, to show the interviewer that he is interested in the job position. 

All of this is very important because how you behave before, during, and after a job interview could very well determine whether you get the job you’re seeking or not.

Luck had nothing to do with what happened with Jacob

He prepared a stellar application for each and every job he applied for. When called for an interview, he took the time to prepare for it.

The keyword here is preparation, which you should consider when applying for remote jobs.

Jacob is not an exception, there are literally thousands of people around the world right now getting hired for really attractive jobs that are 100% remote.

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The course covers literally everything:

    • How to find the right remote jobs
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    • How to Impress your potential employer during the interview.
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