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Is CXL Institute Worth It?

CXL Institute is an online learning platform that is designed especially for marketers all over the world. It has tons of courses, programs, and minidegrees. Students can finish those courses and gain a lot of new skills, and immediately start applying them in the real world.

As of today, CXL Institute “is the only skill-building platform for marketers that uses the world’s top 1% practitioners as instructors”. If you’ve ever worked in digital marketing, or in marketing as a whole, then this platform is going to be extremely helpful to you as it will allow you to become a specialist in one of the marketing sub-fields it spends so much time and resources on to make sure that you get exactly what you pay for.

CXL Institute

Is it any good?

From all the online platforms we have checked and reviewed, nothing beats CXL when it comes to teaching you about digital marketing. No other platform puts as much focus and detail into their marketing classes, and no one else hires experts in the field to do the tutoring.

This is to say that with CXL, you are definitely in the right hands.

Each course is taught by a different instructor who is specialized in that specific sub-field of marketing, and someone who already works and does what he/she is teaching you for a living. This has been proven to be the most effective way of bringing you the most practical knowledge that you can start applying at a job right after you finish the course.

What courses do they offer?

CXL Institute currently has more than 50 courses and 6 programs, with more in the works. These courses and programs range in the following categories and sub-fields:

  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Management
  • SEO
  • Psychology
  • Google
  • A/B Testing

at CXL

As you can see, these subfields cover pretty much anything a marketer would ever want or need to learn. You can choose to follow any of these topics and start learning right away. The more time you spend practicing and the more focused and serious you become about the whole thing, the better the results will be. So, what are you waiting for?

What don’t people like about CXL Institute?

So far, the only thing users complained about regarding CLX Institute is the fact they’re still working on their mobile apps. Some people complain that they want to study while on their commute as well. Other than this, all reviews are of a positive nature.

What do CXL Institute’s users say?

CXL has a very high satisfaction rate among its users and students. Mainly because of how good their service is, how beneficial and detailed their programs and courses are, and the fact that everything is taught by an expert who not only has theoretical knowledge  but a practical one, too.

Riley H., a Digital Marketing Consultant had to say about his experience with CXL: “It’s very comprehensive. The mini-degree covers everything you could imagine. The courses are taught by different instructors, from different companies and specializations. The content varies but this is actually a positive. There’s great diversity of opinion, which is important in this field. And the content is almost uniformly excellent. (The teachers vary a little bit more but the best teachers are really, really good.)

Tony G., who is a Conversion Optimisation Specialist said: “CXL Institute is my go-to platform if I want to learn anything about marketing. Purely because the content is so good. Taught by leading practitioners in their field. The content is updated regularly so always feel slightly ahead of the curve when it comes to digital marketing. The courses are fast-paced and challenging, however, what you learn you can immediately apply. There is always something you can take away and action.

Maarja L., a VIP Butler: “I found the course very easy to follow because the audio and visual is simultaneously available – even highlighting the sentences currently spoken.The focus is better when you can follow the script and helped me tremendously, leaving nothing unclear.The insights from a professional were great, giving examples and using the business terminology related to the subject.

How much does it cost?

Individual Plan Team Plan (3+ Users) Enterprise Plan (100+ Users)
All Access $459/Quarter $233/Quarter/User $150/Quarter/User (1st 100 users) (+ $50 per user after 100)
Category Access $199/Category/Quarter N/A N/A

CLX offers its students and users a lot of payment options. You can either get an individual all-access plan, which you can pay for either monthly, quarterly, or annually. Or you can get an individual category plan, which allows you to pick 1 of 3 categories and get access to all the courses and minidegrees it offers. This one, too, gives you the option of paying either monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The individual all-access plan is priced at $547/quarter. Of course, if you are tight on money, you have the option to split this bill over 3 payments if you choose the monthly plan, or pay for the yearly access that would cost you $1641/year.

The other offer is designed for businesses and teams. If you have a team of 3 people or more, you can get access to them at a discount. You can also pay for this either monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The plan starts at $232/quarter for a minimum of 3 users. See how much money you end up saving?

CXL Institute is your go-to online platform if you want to learn anything marketing-related. You get the best instructors in the field and you actually get what you paid for, if not more.

So, if you’re new to or experienced in digital marketing, there are a lot of new skills you can start learning today with CXL that will be vital in helping you land your first remote job. What are you waiting for? Click here and sign up today to start learning!

What do we think?

CXL is a great place to learn some seriously advanced marketing skills, and it comes at a fairly reasonable price considering all the qualities and skills you are set to benefit from. 

No other learning platform comes close to the amount of focus and resources that CXL spends on making sure YOU get the necessary skills required in the digital marketing world today. Their courses are ever more detailed and diverse, their quizzes make sure you have grasped everything you’ve been subjected to, and their tutors bring you the experiences of a lifetime.

So, is it worth it? It absolutely is!

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