How to Use Social Media When Looking for a Remote Job

Social Media Can Hurt You:

You will be surprised what you can find about yourself just by Googling your name. Finding your digital footprint isn’t as difficult as you might think, and companies do it all the time when you’re applying to one of their job positions.

Keeping your social media accounts clean is a very important thing to do, especially knowing that it can either help you land a job, or completely disqualify you because of that one joke you shared 4 years ago.

This is why before you apply to any job position, you need to make sure both your private and public social media accounts are well maintained and don’t contain anything you wouldn’t say to a microphone.

This video covers:

  • Why it’s important to hide all unwanted social media posts
  • How to make your social media profiles more attractive and respectable
  • How to make sure your profiles give out a positive impression on who you are
  • And much more