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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

by | Jun 15, 2020


You’re probably asking yourself: why do I even need to optimize my LinkedIn Profile?

Well, if we all live in the same world, you probably hear too about the lack of job opportunities that lots of people suffer from. Young graduates are especially concerned by this, since it drastically affects their lives.

And nowadays, one should consider the numerous virtual tools such as social networks since they play a significant role in recruitment and job searches.

LinkedIn is one of the most famous ones that will help you look for a job that matches your skills and field of expertise. But this can only work if you optimize your profile and work on catching potential new recruiters’ attention.

So, if you are on a quest to find a job, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is necessary, and we are going to show you how!

Use a Professional Head shot

The first thing to do is to focus on your profile picture.
Even though people will only see the miniature version of it, you still need to have a good one, because it’s your way to communicate a good image of yourself along with your competencies and qualifications.

Using a professional headshot does not necessarily mean spending tons of money for a professional shooting (but if you don’t mind doing that, go ahead!) since you can only use some tips and have a proper professional head shot.

The first thing you should consider is the frame.

The picture should be focused on your face, with your eyes looking directly into the camera. Your face should take up to 60% of the image with a little bit of background. A picture from the chest up is perfect.

Avoid any colorful backgrounds and opt for a neutral one to look more professional. Master the lighting and avoid any weird shadowing on your face. And of course, make sure it is a high-resolution picture.

Rearrange Your Profile

Now that your profile picture looks good let’s move on to your profile content.
LinkedIn offers the ability to move around the different sections of your profile and reorder them depending on what elements you want to bring out.
It is pretty easy; you just need to go into Edit Mode and hover the mouse pointer over each section’s title and move it around.
If you have any achievements you are particularly proud of, don’t think twice and bring them on top.

Add Projects

After rearranging your sections, it’s time to fill them in.
Along with the basic sections, your profile should also have an entire section for your projects, especially if you are looking for a freelancer’s remote job. This section allows you to show off your different projects and link them up to give easy access to any recruiter and will enable them to check your work and have a glance at a sample of it.
For group projects, you also have the option of inserting your team members’ names.

Add a Personal Section

Your profile should also have a personal touch that reflects your interests and what you do in your spare time. What you do outside of work reflects a big part of your personality, and most recruiters are curious about those details.
For this, add a section including any volunteer work you were part of, awards you won, causes you support, and pretty much anything you judge as a valuable interest.

Use Keywords in your Headline

The headline is the first thing anyone who consults your profile sees. So, you need a catchy one. Another reason to focus on your headline and use keywords in it is that LinkedIn’s algorithm uses them to rank people. So along with mentioning your skills and field of expertise and showing off the different values, you can bring to a new company, use at least two or three keywords to make LinkedIn’s algorithm work in your favor.

Use a Custom Link

Using a custom link will make it easier to promote your LinkedIn profile.
You just need to go on ‘Edit Public Profile & URL’ that you will find on your profile, and type the address you want, using your brand’s or company’s name to make it more professional. This is a small detail, but details do matter a lot.

Build your reputation with recommendations

If you wait for others to recommend you on LinkedIn, it will take much longer than you think. What you can and should do is build your reputation yourself by asking contacts to write recommendations for you. A lot of people do this to optimize their LinkedIn profile.

Build your Network

Finally, building your network and growing it is the key step to engage connections with people. But there are some tips to consider to ensure a professional network.

Inviting people randomly can get you banned. If you want to connect with someone you don’t know, make sure to stand out and give a good impression of yourself to make it look like a valuable connection.
First of all, review his/her profile and send a personalized message complimenting their work, or mentioning things you have in common, which you can use as an ice breaker to connect with them.

Your LinkedIn profile is practically your online resume. So, there you go, follow these 8 tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and increase your visibility and chances to get a job. Good luck!