How to Almost Guarantee Getting Hired
How to Almost Guarantee Getting Hired

Searching for a remote job is difficult, but even after you find one and follow the necessary steps to apply, you still can’t control its outcome, and the decision of whether or not you’ll be hired is still the company’s, right? 


Well, what if I told you that’s also something you can have control over?

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But how?

Everything lies in the interview!

No matter how good your resume and cover letter are, you can still miss the job opportunity if you perform badly in the interview. The interview is essential, and everything you do in it counts.

Especially if it’s an online interview, since you don’t get second chances, what this means is that there is a certain number of steps that you NEED to follow in order to make sure your interview goes as smoothly as possible!

They need YOU more than you need THEM!

This is the first thing you need to know, understand, and fully incorporate into your mindset as you’re about to walk into the interview, or in this case, log into the Zoom meeting.


What you should understand is that the company that’s hiring has had to go through numerous resumes and cover letters of tens if not hundreds of people before they got to the final list of a few candidates, among which are you!

This alone should show you how special you are and that you’re already in an advantageous situation.

What do you do with this information?

What’s important is that you do not get scared or intimidated by the whole situation. Being nervous about the entire thing will only increase your likelihood of not performing well.

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BEFORE the Interview!

One of the most critical factors that can judge whether your interview is going to go as smooth as possible or not is if you’ve gone through the necessary preparation before the interview or not.

This includes a lot of things to do that don’t necessarily take much time.

Research the Company

The moment you receive an email scheduling an interview you should get on your laptop and start doing some research on the company or agency that’s trying to hire you.

When you do this, you will want to focus on gathering the following set of information:

  • What kind of work they do.
  • Have they made the news lately?
  • What are the key names in the company?
  • Their social media profiles.
  • Their LinkedIn accounts.
  • If they are a Start-up, are they still collecting funds?

Once you’ve got all of this covered, it’s a good idea to take some notes so that you don’t forget any vital piece of information when you’re actually doing the interview.

The Before The Interview Lesson from our Free Remote Success Course will make sure you’ve got everything under control way before you jump on your interview call!

Find out what problems they might have!

Now, this is something that’s been referred to as the Briefcase Technique!

What this technique consists of is knowing every single problem that the company is suffering from that you might be able to help in solving. You do your research, you take notes, and you start drafting some practical ideas that will help solve those problems.

Check your Internet!

Internet problems are more common than you think, and they tend to only happen when you need it the most. So, make sure you’ve got some backup internet source before you go on your interview.

Even if your home Wi-Fi is good and usually doesn’t disconnect, it wouldn’t hurt to keep your phone next to you and have its 4G on. This is important so that you can connect to its hotspot in case your Wi-Fi goes down for some reason.

During the Interview!

It’s good to be well-prepared and get some work done before the interview, but what you do during the interview is just as important, and we have a list of tasks and things to make sure of that will be very beneficial for you and your job hunt!

First, you need to sit in an area that’s well-lit so that you are visible to your potential employers, and so that the quality of the video is clear enough to be seen! You can either sit by the window, or near a light source, and make sure the glass window is closed so that you don’t get disturbed, especially if you live in an urban area.

Next, make sure your mic and camera are working correctly. You can make sure of this by doing a few test runs before the interview! You can test this by going on a video chat with your friend, just make sure you use the same app or platform you will be using with your interviewer (Zoom, Google Meet, …).

Check out Lesson 10 of our Remote Success Free Course as it covers everything you need to know about how to act and what to do during an interview, especially if it’s online.

Now into the interview itself!

When you’re in the interview and they ask you a couple of questions about their company and their line of work, they want to know how much you know about them, so they can figure out whether or not they need to train you.

Now when you’re asked these types of questions, it is your time to shine.

If we’re talking about a remote job, then you will obviously be doing all of this online. So, prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you mention the problems you have come across, along with the solutions you have come up with.

When you do this, your potential employers will be relieved because 1 they don’t have to train you, and 2, you’ve already come up with a plan that’s going to work well for them.

One more thing!

You should allow them to comment or make changes in the plans you have come up with. Allow them to tweak as much as possible as it will make them feel like they are in control, which they are!

Once you’ve gotten to this step, you’re no longer talking about you being hired or not, you’re now talking about what you’re going to do to fix their problems once you start working for them.

It is also very important you do NOT mention salary before getting to this part. And if it’s them who bring it up, then feel free to change the subject and show them the research you have done.

Finally, it’s time to talk about your skills.

Yes, you’ve shown them the problems you have found and the solutions you have put together. But, what about your skills? What are you good at? This could very well be the determining factor that says whether you’re hired or not.

Now the way you talk about your skill has to always include how the company is going to take advantage of them!

Once you mention all of that, it wouldn’t hurt if you’ve shown them a list of pros and cons of them giving you the job. If anything, it will only show them how serious and well-prepared you are.

Final Thoughts

Landing a job is a lot of work, and it is in your hands if you really work hard for it and know which things to do and which to avoid.

You should be the one in control of what’s happening during the interview and not the other way around. This is the only way you can steer the conversation in a way that will allow you to shine and really show what you’re great at.

Following these steps will drastically increase your likelihood of landing the jobs you want. You might even be able to land some jobs that you don’t even qualify for, just because of how well-prepared and how much research you’ve done before the actual interview.