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Explore These Good Companies That Hire For Good And Rewarding Remote Jobs!

Nowadays, it’s especially hard to find a job because of the Covid-19 crisis, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. 

In fact, 

There are a lot of companies that are hiring right now for jobs that are 100% remote.

If you go to LinkedIn right now, a simple search for remote jobs will show at least 9000 jobs that were posted in the last 24 hours.

Thousands of companies are looking to hire employees for 100% remote positions.

And these are not:

  • Temporary jobs
  • Tech Jobs that require high tech degrees
  • Customer support jobs that pay very little

These jobs are included obviously, but there are more companies that have gone completely remote and are looking for:

  • Online tutors
  • K-12 Teachers
  • Writers
  • Marketers
  • Sales Managers
  • Designers

And much more!

So, how do you get your hands on one of these jobs?

Work on Your Resume & Highlight Your Skills

First, you need to be serious about your job hunt. Landing a remote job isn’t as easy as it may sound, and could be even harder than landing an office job. This is because you need to convince your interviewer to hire you just from:

  • Your Resume (CV)
  • Your Cover Letter
  • Your Online Interview

Going through the whole procedure online makes things especially more difficult, which is why you are going to need to be extra prepared, have your resume and cover letter polished and reviewed, and have them modified to match each job you apply for.

How do you do that?

Your resume should have a clear mentioning of the skills you have, especially if they relate directly to the job you’re applying for. Which brings us to our previous point, make sure you put emphasis on the skills that are especially useful to your new employer and the field you are applying to work in.

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Know Where to Look for Remote Jobs

Searching for a remote job isn’t very easy, especially that we are not very familiar with it, and it is still a new world that we’re still kind of learning how to navigate.

So, before you start looking everywhere for a remote job, be sure that the job board you’re using is legit and has made sure the job offers are real and not scams. This is because remote jobs have always been scammers’ targets, and taking into consideration the fact we’re in the middle of a pandemic right now, means that scammers are targeting those jobs more than ever since they know people are desperate to get their hands on them.

Point Out Other Remote Experiences You May Have

Highlighting the work or experiences you have done remotely is very important as it will show your new employers that you know how it works and that you won’t find too many problems dealing with the platforms you will be using. If you have had to work from home just for a few days at a time in the past, mention it. If you had to work with other branches of your company in the past, mention it. Even if you’ve had finished online degrees or certifications you should mention it.

Which Fields Are Hiring Remotely?

Lucky for you, almost every single field is hiring for remote jobs at the current time because of the Covid-19 crisis. Exceptions remain to manual jobs since they require physical labor.

Below is a list of 7 industries that are now hiring for 100% remote-jobs, along with how much money you can start making from your own home!


Jobs in the Education and Training field can make you up to $94k/year. These require jobs such as:

  • Management of Education Content $60K
  • Supervision Management $75k
  • Training Organizing $94k
  • Development Coordination $94k

Project Management

The highest paying job in this field that can be done 100% remotely pays up to $150K/year.

  • Marketing Automation $70K
  • Product Management $150K
  • A-V Project Management $95k

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People who have previously worked in the sales department are especially lucky since these jobs are quite abundant and a lot of businesses are always looking to hire people specialized in this field.

  • Inside Sales $50K (minimum)
  • Video Sales & Marketing $70K
  • Sales Management $70K


Ecommerce is a very lucrative business path to go with, and it has become even more lucrative since the world shut down and people started shopping online more than ever. This means that if you can get your hands on a job in this field, hold on to it, and do not let go as it will become even more profitable for you.

  • Growth Hacker $80K
  • Full Stack Marketer $70K
  • Digital Impact Coordinator $84k


Marketing has always been a lucrative field to work in since literally every business needs to take care of its marketing side in order to gain more customers or to keep the ones it already has.

  • Digital Marketing $50K
  • Marketing Research & Analysis $100K
  • Marketing Automation Agent $70K

Accounting & Finance

If you’ve had any experience in the finance world then one of these could very well be your next remote job.

  • Mortgage Specialist $50k
  • Finance Specialist $50k
  • Loan Processor $75k
  • Financial Customer Service Center $50k

Computer & IT

IT has always been the dominating field when it comes to remote jobs, which is why finding a remote job in this field shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Website Support Specialist $104k
  • Data Analyst $60k
  • Head of Engineering $130k

All these jobs are easy to find, but they’re not easy to get.

If you want to learn how to get that remote job that you’d like, I suggest you register for our completely free video course on how to research, apply, and even qualify for high paying remote jobs.

The course covers literally everything:

  • How to find the right remote jobs
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  • How to update your resume and cover letter
  • How to prepare your digital footprint for your potential employers.
  • How to Impress your potential employer during the interview.
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