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Read Through These Remote Jobs That Don’t Require College Degrees, And Yet Pay Well!

It’s true that landing a job nowadays has become more and more difficult, especially if you don’t have a college degree. 


This doesn’t mean it has become impossible. 

In fact, 

There are a lot of high paying remote jobs still hiring that do not require any college degrees as long as you have what it takes and have the right skills at hand.

Not having a college degree might mean the end of the world to a lot of people, but it shouldn’t. In case you didn’t know, a lot of big Silicon Valley companies have started to favor skills over college degrees. Meaning that as long as you know what you’re doing, whether you learned it at school or on YouTube, then you will get the job.

But that’s not all!

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, then you should know that the white house has passed a law favoring skills over college degrees when it comes to federal hiring. This is great news for everyone since we all know how expensive colleges can be, and that you can learn just as much by taking online courses and/or interning somewhere.

So, what are the remote jobs you can get your hands on without an actual college degree? Let us find out!

Full Stack Web Development

Web development has always been a well sought-after skill and a lot of businesses, whether they are online-based or not, are looking to hire people with such skills. The increasing demand for this skill has made a lot of businesses start to overlook whether job applicants had a college degree or not.

And with time, they found out that a college degree plays little to no role in how efficient a candidate is. This is why you are likely to find a lot of businesses and even conglomerates at times looking to hire people with the right skills, and that they tend to overlook the degree side of their applicants’ resumes.

Getting a remote job in this field could earn you more than $50k/year.

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Marketing is one of the leading fields that’s been taking advantage of remote working. Not only that but having a few years of experience either working on the marketing side of your own projects or for other businesses is sufficient enough for a lot of companies to overlook having a college degree.

As long as you could show your employers that you know what you’re doing and are good at it, then you can easily land quite a few job positions in marketing. The average salary is more than $50k/year.

Content Writing

A lot of companies who care about their online presence, as well as those who have a blog section on their website, need a full-time content writer who will be in charge of writing blog posts, social media posts and emails for them.

Oftentimes a company will only ask for a written sample from the candidate to make sure his or her level of English and writing skills are good enough for the job position.

If you get one of these jobs as a remote freelancing opportunity, then you can make up to $400 an hour. If it is a full-time job, then it could earn you up to $60k/year and still leave you time to work with your own freelance clients.

Customer Support

Customer support jobs have always been hiring all year round, and sometimes they don’t even ask for a high school diploma, let alone a college degree. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they started hiring for remote jobs that you can get started at in days not weeks.

How much you will be making depends on the company that hired you and who their clients are. You can be making anything between $40k/year and $70k/year in some cases. 


This job is the opposite of customer support since you’re the one who’s going to be making phone calls instead of receiving them. If you’ve ever worked at a similar job, or have never even had a job before, then you probably qualify for this one.

All you need to do is ace the online job interview that you will go through and show them that you’re a good salesperson. You can easily make up to $70k/year if you count commissions.

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Personal Assistance

Believe it or not, a lot of CEOs don’t have enough time to do tasks that we normally do on a daily basis, which is why there is a large number of them who are looking for a personal assistant who needs to be with them at all times, just online.

You will be tasked to do all sorts of things, like booking flights and hotel rooms, doing research, taking notes, or even making phone calls and reminding them of certain things about their daily lives.

All you need is to be trustworthy, useful, and 100% responsive whenever you are reached.

The average salary is $60k/year.


There is no college degree that can guarantee someone is fluent in a language. You can study a language for many years and still have a lot of problems speaking it, or even understanding it.

This is why you can find a lot of businesses looking to hire native bilinguals who will be of great help in translating documents for them or even interpreting phone calls and video conferences with clients from overseas.

The languages that are well sought-after are:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • Arabic

If you are fluent in one or more of these languages, then there are a lot of companies looking to hire your services starting right now. And you can do all of this all while staying at home!

Not having a college degree doesn’t mean you won’t get the job, but it doesn’t mean you will get it either. There are a lot of people competing for these jobs and you need to really prove yourself in order to land one of these jobs.

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