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Preferably Remote is your go-to source for everything remote jobs related.

Our goal is to help you find, prepare for, apply to, and land the remote jobs that really value talent and skill.

Preferably Remote provides you with an up-to-date free course that will teach you everything you need to know about how YOU can land the remote job that was made for you.

Here you can find the remote jobs that match your experiences, skills, and education and have them delivered to you all the way to your email. So, you don’t have to keep looking everywhere.

Who We Are

Preferably Remote was founded in order to help your average Joe learn how remote jobs can easily be found and landed. We believe that working from home isn’t made for developers and tech enthusiasts alone, and that the future is 100% remote, as the pandemic has proven to all of us.

Our mission is to spread the word on working remotely, giving you all the resources, intel, and tutorials that will help you make yourself prepared to take on such endeavors.

Our team comprises of marketers, HR specialists, and people with long experience in creating the most influential remote jobs of the past 5 years.

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