9 Ways to Impress Your Employer While Working Remotely - Preferably Remote
9 Ways to Impress Your Employer While Working Remotely

Ever since the latest world events took place, the majority of us turned to working remotely in order to stay safe during these tough times. Working from home has a lot of benefits as well as it has its downsides.

You get to spend more time at home with your loved ones, you avoid wasting time commuting, and you no longer need to spend extra money on food, coffee, and clothes to wear to work. But like we said, remote working has downsides as well.

How can you improve and gain promotions when everyone is working remotely? How do you prove to your employers that you’re worth the promotion and that you’ve been working hard? How do you impress them?

These are all very important questions that we received from a lot of our readers.

So, read along as we’re about to dive into this topic and give you the best ways that we were able to find when researching the topic!

1. Keep Your Employers Updated

Because you aren’t in as much contact with your boss while working remotely as you were when you were in the office, keeping your boss updated on the work that you do is ever more important!

You can do this by sending a weekly update containing all the work you’ve done the previous week and the work you have planned. This way, your boss isn’t kept in the dark and is aware of everything that you do.

The more your employers know the more in control he or she feels. When you do the work that you have to do, but don’t let your employers know, they will either keep checking on you or forget about you until a problem arises. You don’t want your contact with your boss to be only when there are problems!

2. Go the Extra Mile

This definitely doesn’t mean you should be working extra hours, or doing work you aren’t assigned to.

But going the extra mile here means doing work properly and making sure everything is perfectly done. Making sure everything is done right will not only impress your boss but will give them the impression that you’re someone who doesn’t joke around when it comes to work and that you are serious.

When it’s time for a promotion, be sure that you’ll be one of the firsts to be considered for it!

3. Pitch in Your Ideas

You can always e sure that you’ll impress your employers if you are being proactive. Being a good employee doesn’t always mean following orders and doing exactly what you’re told.

You have a brain, use it!

You can always pitch in your ideas and try to help out whenever you see that the team is struggling to fix a problem or two. Not only that but whenever you feel like you’ve got free time that you’d like to invest in your job, it wouldn’t hurt to let your boss know that you’ll spend it investigating a recurring problem and trying to come up with a solution.

4. Stay Reachable

This is one of the most basic things you need to be when working remotely. Your boss, colleagues, and even clients should be able to reach you whenever they need anything from you, especially during working hours.

Of course, you don’t have to be available in your free time, but picking up the phone or answering a quick question at night wouldn’t hurt, and it would pay in the long run!

5. Take Video Meetings Seriously

It wouldn’t hurt to dress up every now and then when you have an online meeting scheduled.

This shows that you’re serious about the meeting and aren’t someone who couldn’t wait to be done with it.

What’s also a good idea is if you prepare some notes for the online meeting. Being prepared will give you a lot more confidence and will allow you to say everything you wanted to say in order and get your ideas over to your employee, as well as to your colleagues.

6. Do NOT Procrastinate

Turning assignments late is one of the worst things you can do as an employee. Deadlines are made to be respected. Your lack of promptness will definitely affect your relationship with your boss negatively, and it isn’t the best way to impress anyone.

The earliest you can turn in your work, the better. Nobody likes a procrastinator, especially if someone has a business relationship with you.

7.Pay Close Attention to Details

Whether you’re in a video call, a phone call, reading an email, or simply just chatting, paying attention to detail is key to making sure work is done 100% properly.

You don’t want to be that worker who needs to redo their work 2 or 3 times every time they are given a task. Actively listen to your boss and colleagues and take notes when in live meetings.

Doing this will allow you to impress anyone who works with you as they do not need to keep reminding you of things they’ve already discussed with you.

8.Be Brief and Direct

When discussing business projects or plans, make sure you are straight to the point when you want to get your ideas across.

Nobody likes a talker, especially if you’re only going to be wasting everybody’s time.

If you have something to say or add, make sure you say it in as few words as possible. Everyone will get your idea and won’t be distracted by too many words. You’ll be everybody’s favorite, believe me!

9. Be Reliable

Being known as a reliable employee is a real flex. Everybody knows they can count on you; you always keep your promises and meet your deadlines. 

What’s not to like about that?

More than that, don’t just be reliable; let your colleagues know that you are. Whenever you are asked about updates or given a task, it wouldn’t hurt if you responded by letting them know when the task will be finished. Just make sure you give them a realistic timeframe as not to end up missing a deadline that you’ve made too early for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Working from home isn’t the end of the world when it comes to impressing your employers. There are still many ways you can do it, and it isn’t that much different from working from home.

All you have to do is be your best self and make sure that you do not let work drag you down. Follow those steps above, and you’ll start reaping the benefits faster than you know it!